What are Wireless Microphone System Components?
Wireless Microphone System Components
All wireless mic systems, regardless of their applications, are made up of two basic components: transmitters and receivers. Transmitters convert the audio signal captured by the mic into a radio signal. These are then sent to a receiver that converts them back to an audio signal that is then sent to the sound system.
Handheld Microphone Transmitters
These wireless mics incorporate the transmitter into their handle so both functions are contained in a single unit. As with wired handheld mics, there are numerous wireless dynamic and condenser mic models to choose from that will match just about any performer's needs. Some manufacturers offer separate transmitters that can be plugged into the XLR connector of any dynamic mic, making microphone options even more plentiful when going wireless.
Bodypack Transmitters
These units clip onto clothing or guitar straps and can be used with lavalier or headworn vocal mics, or with clip-on and plug-in instrument mics as detailed below.
Lavalier vocal mics usually attach to clothing, come in a range of sizes, and are used to capture dialog in TV and film production as well as for some public -speaking settings.
Headset vocal mics offer consistent, high-quality sound pickup, have a headband, and are easy to position for use during highly active performances.

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