How To Protect The Life Of The Power Amplifier?
To protect your amplifier's working life, please read the following operation methods:

1. The power amplifier has a high requirement on the operating voltage, please ensure that the working voltage is stable.

2. If you want to test the amplifier before normal use, please must test it based on Two output channels with speakers at least. Don't do the test under the individual channel, because it will make too big power on the single channel.

3. ① When the amplifier working under different impedance status, please adjust the VPL setting on the amplifier rear panel. Please see below form :
    ② Attention! 2 ohm status For testing only, please do not use for a long time.


Sinbosen FP10000Q load voltage adjustment: 





Sinbosen FP14000, FP20000Q, FP22000Q load voltage adjustment: 





4. Please pay attention to CPL light. When it turns on, it indicates your amplifier is overload. Please must reduce your speaker load on the amplifier.

5. Please pay attention to VPL light. When it turns on, it indicates your signal input is overload. Please must reduce your signal input load on the amplifier.

Sum up: 
1) Keep the amplifier volume to below 90%.
2) Use amplifier at 8 Ohms or 4 Ohms, don't use the amplifier at 2 Ohms.
3) The power of professional amplifier should be suitable with the power of the speaker.

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