Can power amplifier work under 2 ohms stably?
Our FP power amplifier can work stably at 2.7 ohms.
To protect your speakers and amplifier lifespan, we don't suggest you use FP series amplifier under 2 ohms. 
We are developing new digital power amplifier, which can work at 2 ohms for a long time. Click it to learn more: Sinbosen H1700 2 Ohm Stable 2CH 3600w Class D Digital Power Amplifier
2 Ohms stable working digital power amplifier
8Ω output power 
1700 watt * 2 channels
4Ω output power 
2800 watt * 2 channels
2Ω output power 
3600 watt * 2 channels
8Ω Bridge power 
5600 watt
4Ω Bridge power 
7200 watt

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