Why power amplifier need to aging test?
During the processing of electronic products, various defects will be introduced due to the complex process and muti component materials (even if the design is perfect). Whether it is a processing defect or a component defect, it can be divided into obvious defects and potential defects. 

Obvious defects are those defects that cause the product to fail to work properly, such as short circuit/open circuit. 
Potential defects won't be revealed immediately. But with the use of the product, the defects will soon be exposed and the product will not work properly.

That's why need aging test, it can fully expose some deficiencies in the product, including device quality, welding quality and so on.
We need to make sure that the products we send to you is in good condition. Our factory have a aging test 8-10 hours before packing, ensure the quality of the product is qualified before packing.

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