Where can I get the DSP amplifier software?

Where can I get the DSP amplifier software?

There is two way to get it. 

1. Please open your computer to download the DSP software from our website link: http://www.sinbosen.com/oid1739142/Download.htm

2. Please contact our sale rep to send you via WeTransfer. 

Sinbosen dsp power amplifier

DSP Power Amplifier Features:

1. Built-in 96KHz sampling frequency, 24-bit A / D and D / A conversion, 32-bit floating point DSP chip processor with active frequency division, delay processing, EQ tuning, equalization and other functions (including the longest delay Up to 1 second. The crossover frequency, slope and slope can be adjusted. The balanced frequency, gain and bandwidth can be adjusted. There are PEQ and Hi-Shelf modes available.

2.4-inch LED color touch screen, simple and intuitive user interface, user-friendly operation of the amplifier easier.

3. With a professional PC control software, remote real-time control via USB or RS485 interface, the output can be freely rectangular distribution.

4. Balanced input and output, with high-pass low-pass filter feedback.

5 perfect protection features, including soft-start power supply, DC overload short circuit, overheating, ultra-high frequency, clipping and limiting protection circuit

6. Excellent cooling system, using high efficiency short toothed widened thickened heat sink, the output transistor to maintain the same temperature, the thermal performance of several times more than ordinary radiators.