What is Class TD amplifier?

What is Class TD amplifier?

What is a TD class amplifier?

The TD stands for “tracking class D,” which means that the power supply tracks the audio signal at all frequencies, supplying the required rail voltage while at the same time reserving additional headroom. Although the final output stage is still class AB, the high-speed switching principle of class D power amplifier has been added. The entire audio path remains analog and the signal is not converted to digital pulses but it will be filtered like a Class D amplifier. Very high efficiency is achieved .

TD-class technology works well under all loads. The output frequency response has a flat output. The output can be bridged, with high reliability and no radio frequency interference. The efficiency of the amplifier can minimize the heat dissipation requirements while outputting high power, while the sound quality is still AB.

What are the advantages of TD-class amplifiers?

TD-class amplifiers combine the efficiency of Class D digital amplifiers with the pure sound of traditional Class B amplifiers.

For decades, the Class AB output stage set a standard for high quality sound amplifiers. Although Class AB amplifiers are known for their superior sound quality, they do not make efficient use of power. The output stage generates a lot of heat and requires huge heat sinks and fans to ensure that the output transistors inside the amplifier are at a safe temperature. In order to achieve high power, a larger power supply is required, but eventually most of the power becomes hot.

The other two power amplifier technologies we are familiar with can achieve higher efficiency, but they all have defects. Class D switching power amplifiers use pulse width modulation (PWM) to achieve very high efficiency, but many "pure" Class D products have compromises in sound quality. The H-type design improves efficiency by modulating the input signal and supply voltage to "track" the input signal in real time to provide the optimum output voltage. But class H can only achieve the highest efficiency in a relatively limited dynamic range.

Such an efficient TD-type power amplifier is not only high efficiency, but also because the power tube is lowered at a lower tube pressure, and the possibility of being hit through the hot-burning tube is basically reduced to zero, so that the ultra-high power product is Security is effectively controlled. At the same time, the load capacity is also enhanced. As a professional power amplifier, this is also a must-have capability.

The sound of the TD-class power amplifier is light, energetic, and not stiff. The bass is strong, the mid-frequency is thick and sleek, the treble is ethereal .  the overall atmosphere is full, which makes the professional speaker emit extraordinary effects. It is high sense of reality when it amplify the sound of percussion instruments. the sound resolution is high. It create an immersive experience for the audience .