One of the main features of the active speaker is the built-in electronic crossover, DSP module and built-in power amplifier board. The "active speaker" usually marks the output power, input impedance and input signal level of the built-in amplifier, so all you have to do is connect it. Things are ready to go after plugging the power and audio cables.

At present, studio monitor speakers or engineering speakers or speakers used in dance halls are basically "active speakers". 


1, with power amplification module, no need to connect the power amplifier, the whole system is simple and clear, easy to get started. Just connect to a computer, audio player, DAP, etc. and play it. You don't have to worry about the size of the power, impedance matching and other professional issues, plug and play.

2. In addition to the built-in amplifier, the "active speaker" also has an electronic crossover system and a decoding system, which can systematically restore the original appearance of the sound, with less distortion and stable sound base. It does not change the effects due to factors such as wires and power amplifiers.

3, the space is more flexible, due to the built-in amplification system and DSP module, you do not need to put equipment such as amplifiers and audio processor, making your space more concise.

SA208+SA18B: Active speaker SA-208, Active subwoofer SA-18B. 

110V~240V Power→SA-18B  Active Subwoofer AC INPUT

SA-18B  Active Subwoofer AC OUTPUT → SA-208 Active Speaker AC INPUT

SA-208 Active Speaker AC OUTPUT → 2ND SA-208 Active Speaker AC INPUT

Audio Source (3-PIN XLR / RS485) → SA-18B Active Subwoofer INPUT

SA-18B Active Subwoofer THRU → SA-208 Active Speaker INPUT

SA-208 Active Speaker THRU → 2nd SA-208 Active Speaker INPUT

AO 5.4+AO12B: AO-5.4 is a passive speaker + AO-12B is an active subwoofer. 

110V~240V Power → AO-12B Active Subwoofer AC INPUT

Audio Source (3-PIN XLR/RS485) → AO-12B Active Subwoofer INPUT

AO-12B Active Subwoofe OUTPUT → AO-5.4 Passive Speaker INPUT

AO-5.4 Passive Speaker LINK  → 2nd AO-5.4 Passive Speaker INPUT