How to fully use the function of dsp amplifier?
How to fully use the function of dsp amplifier?
First, let's briefly introduce our DSP series amplifiers.
The advantage of the DSP power amplifier is that this series of power amplifiers have the function of audio processing, and no external audio processor is required.
The DSP series power amplifier has a DSP processor module, a simple control touch screen, and a computer software.
If you only use it for relatively small occasions or do not need special DSP processing functions, then you can directly set some simple parameters on the DSP touch screen without connecting a computer.

And if it is a more professional occasion, then you need to download this computer software first >> 

The software is free of installation and can be used after successful download. After opening the software, we need to set the language first (the default is Chinese). Select Chinese as the language, and then connect the power amplifier to your laptop with a network cable, and we can begin to adjust the parameters professionally. For the convenience of customers, we have recorded a video.

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