Why does it make a loud noise when I turn on/off the power of audio equipment?

Why does it make a loud noise when I turn on/off the power of audio equipment?

First of all, we must pay attention to the sequence of turning on and off the audio equipment

Turn on in order from front to back, that is, audio source equipment (CD player, LD player, DVD player, tape recorder, video recorder) → audio processing equipment (compressor, exciter, effector, crossover, equalizer, etc.) Power amplifiers, televisions, projectors, monitors. The sequence is reversed when shutting down, and the power amplifier should be turned off first. This operation can prevent the impact of turning on and off the device and prevent the power amplifier and speakers from being burned.

If you use many sets of equipment at one time, turning on and off is a tedious task.
It is best to use a power sequencer instead of manpower, which liberates yourself and ensures that you will not make mistakes.
In addition, we must also develop good usage habits:

1. The volume control potentiometer of the power amplifier is always adjusted to the minimum position;
The accompaniment music on the mixer and the microphone split fader should be set to 0dB;
The gain of each branch GAIN input on the mixer is placed in the adjusted position;
The total volume fader of the mixer is first placed in the minimum position (lower end);
The sound quality compensation knobs of the mixer are placed in the middle position.

2. Test the microphone channel. Generally speaking, at least two microphone channels must be prepared.
Set the shunt fader to 0dB, adjust the microphone volume and adjust the shunt GAIN input gain button. It is better to use the shunt peak level indicator to flash occasionally. The total output power is measured by the VU meter.