How to maintain Professional audio ?

How to maintain Professional audio ?

10  basic knowledge about daily maintenance of professional audio

1. The normal working temperature of audio equipment should be 18℃~45℃
Too low temperature will reduce the sensitivity of some equipment (such as electronic tube machines); too high a temperature will easily burn out components or make components age earlier. Special attention should be paid to cooling down and maintaining air circulation in summer.

2. Avoid direct sunlight on audio equipment, and avoid close to heat sources such as heaters.

3. After the audio equipment is used up, the function keys should be reset.
 If the function key is not reset for a long time, the tension button spring is in a stressed state for a long time, which will easily cause malfunction.

4. Before turning on or off the audio power, turn the volume potentiometer of the power amplifier to the minimum. 
This is the most effective way to protect the power amplifier and speakers. At this time, the power amplification of the power amplifier is almost zero, and at least it will not cause harm to the speakers during misoperation.

5. Turn on from front to back when turning on, that is, turn on the CD player first, then turn on the front and back stages, and turn the volume potentiometer of the power amplifier to the minimum when turning on. When shutting down, turn off the power amplifier first, so that the amplification function of the power amplifier is completely turned off. At this time, when you turn off the front-end equipment, no matter how large inrush current is generated, it will not affect the power amplifier and speakers. Turn the power amplifier's volume potentiometer to the minimum when closing the surface, and turn it off or turn it off before it can be connected to the CD player.

6. The machine should be used frequently. It can extend the life of the machine, such as some parts with motors ( laser player, laser video disc player, etc.). If it does not rotate for a long time, some parts of the machine will be deformed.

7. Power on regularly. If it is not used for a long time, especially in humid and high temperature seasons, it is best to power on for half an hour a day. In this way, the heat generated by the internal components of the machine can be used to drive away moisture and prevent internal coils, speaker voice coils, transformers, etc. from being damp and moldy.

8. Wipe the surface of the machine with a clean, damp, soft cotton cloth at regular intervals; when not in use, cover the machine with a dust cover or a drape to prevent dust from entering.

9. Any electronic device should not be connected or disconnected from other devices when it is powered on. This is very dangerous, even passive devices such as microphones . What needs to be reminded is that you must not turn on the power amplifier to connect the speaker cable, because the distance between the speaker terminals is generally very close, and the speaker cables are two tightly parallel. When wiring, the speaker cables are often short-circuited accidentally. The consequence will be to burn the amplifier quickly. Although some power amplifiers are equipped with protection circuits, it is still possible to damage the power amplifier. Therefore, the phrase "turn off and then wire" has long become a rule that must be followed.

10. Don't turn up volume and play some loud music when the amplifier is just turned on, because the power amplifier components are in a cold state when they are turned on. At this time, letting it work with high current will shorten its life. It is recommended that you only play some soft music and listen to music at a medium volume within half an hour of starting up, and then turn on the loud volume to enjoy.