How to make a succesful outdoor performance?

How to make a succesful outdoor performance?

How to make a succesful outdoor performance?

Common indoor performances, such as theater stages, have very high requirements on the sound system. First of all, we must ensure the quality of the sound, which is pleasing to the ear and beautiful tones;

Outdoor performances, such as concerts, require more stability of the sound system. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that there are no accidents in the performance and the smooth completion of performance tasks.

Because outdoor performances are more likely to be affected by sudden factors, such as strong winds and heavy rains, it is more difficult than indoor performances, and this requires on-site engineers to choose equipment with different focuses.
1. The sound system must have a strong power reserve

The outdoor sound field needs strong power, because the outdoor sound field needs to increase the sound pressure level of 3db, the power needs to be increased by 10 times, according to the sound pressure level formula dBspl=20log(p1/po)=20log(L1/L2)=10lg( P1/P2) get 10logp2 /p1 = xdb, you can calculate the specific value of the sound field.
2. Choose a high-sensitivity microphone

High sensitivity can enhance the sound transmission gain of the microphone, so that the Audience can get enough loudness. Often the distance between the microphone and the mixing console is relatively long, so it is better to choose a wireless microphone for sound pickup.

If wind velocity exceeds level 3, install a foam cover for the microphone. It is made of a porous and ventilated special foam plastic, which has little effect on the frequency characteristics, but the sensitivity will be reduced. You can adjust the gain knob of mixer to ensure that the sound transmission gain is not reduced.

If there is light rain outside and you must perform, do not cover the microphone with a plastic bag, because the plastic cover prevents sound waves from directly acting on the diaphragm of the microphone, which will greatly damage the frequency characteristics. It is best to install a support umbrella for the microphone to prevent rain , If it rains heavy, the performance should be terminated directly.
3, Hoisting speakers

You may find that speakers are often hoisting in outdoor performances.This is because outdoors, if the position of the speakers is too low, the sound waves are easily absorbed by the audience's body, especially the medium and high frequency losses are very large.

Therefore, it is necessary to  hang up speakers(mid-range or tweeter horns ), so that the sound waves of the speakers radiate far in the air, so that the audience can get enough loudness.