What is the difference between studio microphone and stage microphone ?

What is the difference between studio microphone and stage microphone ?

In the field of professional microphones, the microphones used in live performances and recording studios are classified. Generally speaking, dynamic microphones are used in live performances, while condenser microphones are used in quieter environments such as recording studios.

Therefore, a customized live performance microphone that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars may not be suitable for the recording studio. The expensive one is not as good as the suitable one.

Microphone on stage

The microphones on the stage generally use cardioid dynamic microphones, which are not only affordable, but also resistant to damage. As modern stages are getting larger and larger, for convenience, more people will love wireless microphone systems. Wireless microphones are basically The composition includes: antenna system, receiver, transmitter and microphone head. If you are a singer, you will also choose a head-mounted microphone that frees your hands.

Of course, if the location of the musician is fixed, a wired microphone is also a very good choice.
Microphone in the recording studio

At present, many of the microphones used by Internet celebrity anchors are actually condenser microphones, because condenser microphones are characterized by higher sensitivity and can pick up subtle sounds. When you have a quiet environment, condenser microphones can capture the details of the sound.

The market price of condenser microphones is much more expensive than dynamic microphones, and it is more delicate: it is not resistant to drops, can not be in a humid environment for a long time, can not be exposed to water, etc., if you have a condenser microphone, then you must give it very carefully Pampering.