What is the most appropriate volume for listening to music with different dynamic ranges?

What is the most appropriate volume for listening to music with different dynamic ranges?

Drawing on the "Louder Perceived Better" section of the Mixing Audio book, the part is explained as follows:

1. It is related to the type of music and recording quality.

If the lower limit of the loudness of a person's auditory discrimination ability is 20dB.

When he is listening to a piece of classical music with a dynamic range of 80dB, he needs to turn the volume to 100dB to be able to distinguish all the details. If you only turn on the volume of 60dB, then there are many details that are less than 20dB, and he can't tell even if he hears it.

The dynamic range of another piece of popular music may be only 40dB, so when the volume is turned to 60dB, all the details can be distinguished.

Music with a wide dynamic range has a richer auditory level, with strong fluctuations and emotional contrast, which brings more auditory pleasure and satisfaction.

But the requirements for performance/singing and recording are also higher.

2. It is related to the system's replay capability.

Not only headphones, but also audio sources and amps.

If it is a relatively inferior equipment, the distortion is large, and details will be lost regardless of the volume. It's like looking at people through frosted glass. Although they are tall, short, fat and thin, or the color of their hair can be approximated, the facial features are not clear.

Rigorous and formal recording (compared to the current chaotic domestic so-called HIFI recording), playback with a good sound system, still requires a certain volume to fully reproduce the scene, the "certain volume" mentioned here is more than usual The accustomed volume should be louder.

Live recording is based on 0dB. If everyone's audio equipment is old-fashioned, with meter heads and scales, the speaker combination is reasonable. Then, when playing peak music, all meters jump to about 0dB. Generally, the volume is too high in the home environment. If you can make proper sound absorption and sound insulation, even if the volume is lowered, you will hear a lot of details.