How to maintain professional audio? What should I pay attention to when using?

How to maintain professional audio? What should I pay attention to when using?

How to maintain professional audio? What should I pay attention to when using?
How to maintain professional audio? What should I pay attention to when using?

Professional audio adds a lot of joy and enjoyment to our lives. But how to correctly use advanced professional audio has become a problem for us. Mastering the correct use method and proper maintenance of professional audio can increase the service life of professional audio. Let’s introduce how to use and maintain professional audio correctly.

Matters needing attention when using advanced professional audio:

   1. The temperature when the speaker is used, avoid using it in high temperature, cold and humid places. The working environment temperature of professional audio should be between 5°C and 40°C, and the relative humidity should be 35-80%.

  2. Dust-proof in the use of professional audio. Do not place the combined audio in dusty places. Many mechanical parts and electronic components (such as cartridges, styluses, magnetic heads, laser heads, etc.) in the audio require a certain degree of precision and cleanliness, which will affect the sound quality of the audio and even have a destructive effect on the parts.

3. Anti-magnetic when using professional audio, avoid using near strong magnetic field. The conversion between electrical signal and magnetic signal in many working processes of audio. If there is a strong magnetic field near the audio, it will definitely affect the normal operation of the combined audio. Electromagnetic induction noise and humming.

  4. The heat dissipation of the professional audio system should work in a ventilated environment to avoid the accumulation of internal heat and humidity, temperature and humidity rise, and avoid accelerated aging of audio components.

Maintenance method of advanced professional audio:

  1. The cabinet should be made of logs. The location should be in a dry room, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and never put it in a humid place to prevent the high-density machine-made board from swelling due to moisture.

  2. Maintenance of professional audio speaker unit body: carefully remove the speaker unit in the finished box, be careful, and mark the position of the box and the speaker with an oil-based pen for resetting and installing after maintenance. Prepare a box of imported white solid car wax (used on imported brand cars) and apply it evenly on the upper and lower T irons of the magnetic steel. Generally this T iron is made of galvanized iron. If the basin frame is an iron basin frame, it must be This treatment allows the wax to be attached to it and do not wipe it off, which can prevent it from being rusted for N years. The two parabolic braided soft copper wires leading from the sound coil to the terminal of the speaker unit must also be coated with wax and evened back and forth with your fingers. Do not wipe it off to prevent the lead from becoming black after a long time. The flexibility is reduced and work is affected.

3. Don't leave the speaker unused for a long time, use it at least 1-3 times a month, and use it for more than one hour each time to quantitatively activate the speaker to avoid unnecessary trouble, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble, such as static material Fatigue, the leakage of the non-polar electrolytic capacitor in the frequency divider, etc., affect the normal operation at a slight degree, and affect its life.