What is a power sequencer? Is a power sequencer necessary?

What is a power sequencer? Is a power sequencer necessary?

Without Power sequencer , equipment may be damaged when starting up!
What is the use of the power sequencer in the cabinet? 

Without it, the audio equipment may be damaged when starting up!

Among the many audio equipment placed in the cabinet, many people do not know the audio power sequencer.
Some people who don't know the power sequencer even think that this is a worthless device, it doesn't matter whether it has it or not.

But is that the case? Of course not.

In fact, the audio power sequencer is used to control the on or off of audio equipment. The power is turned on one by one from the front to the back. When the power supply is turned off, the various audio devices are turned off in the order from the back to the front. It is one of the indispensable equipment for sound engineering.

When the audio equipment system is normally turned on and off, the power-on sequence is to turn on the front-end audio devices such as microphones, mixers, and effects first, and finally turn on the power amplifier of the back-end equipment. The shutdown sequence is reversed, first turn off the power amplifier of the subsequent audio equipment (note: this can prevent the current from noise impact on the previous equipment and damage the speakers and amplifier), and then turn off the previous audio equipment.

If you use a power sequencer and connect to the switch interfaces of different audio devices, you can turn on or off the power from the front-end device to the back-end device one by one, effectively manage and control all kinds of audio devices, and avoid human error operation causing audio The equipment is damaged.

The sound system used in large-scale events, because of the existence of a professional tuning team, can use audio equipment proficiently, and the power sequencer is dispensable for them.

However, in the audio system used in conference training rooms, KTV entertainment venues, home entertainment living rooms, public broadcasting, etc., due to the lack of professional tuner operations, most of the on-site users have irregular debugging operations, which requires the configuration of power sequencers. So that users can easily manage and control the opening and closing of audio equipment.