What kinds of UHF wireless microphones are there? How to choose?

What kinds of UHF wireless microphones are there? How to choose?

Some friends think that they are all similar when they hear UHF wireless systems, but they don't know that although the same high frequency band, the circuit design of the receiver transmitter is different, and the function is different.

Most of the U section uses SMD components, and the performance is very stable compared to VHF and FM.

There are generally three circuits in the U segment, and the sound quality is very good, but the suitable scenes are greatly different.

1st type: Single frequency circuit.

Many people buy a wireless microphone system with a single-frequency circuit, and they think they are fooled. Because the UHF single-frequency circuit is similar to the V-band circuit, high-frequency amplification and intermediate-frequency amplification. Frequency mixing and frequency discrimination. Step-by-step processing, high-amplification divided into several episodes to enlarge, the sound quality is clearer.

Suitable for the crowd: does not meet the interference of the V segment, but the requirements for use are not high.

2nd type: Adjustable frequency circuit.

This type of machine is controlled by a microcomputer program. The high-frequency oscillation is controlled by a phase-locked loop (PLL). There are multiple channels adjustable, and thousands of adjustable frequency points are available for selection. Effectively avoid interference, multiple machines can be used at the same place at the same time without interfering with each other. If there is interference, adjust the frequency point to other frequency points to avoid interference. The squelch control and audio processing are all new designs. , The performance is stable.

Use occasions: This type of machine is used in many high-end KTV rooms. Small and medium-sized concerts. Or when multiple people are required to sing at the same time, the effect is ideal.

3rd type: Diversity circuit.

Diversity is divided into single frequency diversity and adjustable frequency trial diversity. This type of machine has the functions of U-segment machine, and each channel adopts a two-way receiving circuit system. If there is a dead point in the receiving system of one channel, there is another channel that can receive the signal, which effectively avoids the signal dead zone, greatly improves the technical level of the whole machine, and ensures the stability of the received signal and continuous reception. This type of machine is more advanced wireless microphone. The farthest use distance can reach more than 200 meters.

Use occasions: various large and medium-sized concerts. The use environment is very demanding and the use environment is more complicated. This type of machine is the best choice.