How to avoid the whistle of the microphone?

How to avoid the whistle of the microphone?

How to avoid the whistle of the microphone?

It's a painful experience to meet a whistle when you're singing. You're totally lost in the beautiful music,but then the microphone starts blaring and you lose all your excitement. It can be especially awkward for the singer if someone else is present. Screaming during meetings can also get things out of hand.

The cause of the whistle ?

The microphone is located at the front of the speaker and points to the speaker

The speaker is too close to the microphone

the user put his hand over his microphone to sing

Serious sound reflection

Microphone gain is too high (volume is too high)

Sound system is not perfect
The impact of whistle ?
Once the whistle occurs, mild will cause the microphone volume can not be turned up, because after turning up the volume, the whistle will become very serious. Not only cause trouble to the user,the damage to equipment is also significant.

Below whistle state, the signal is very strong, can make power amplifier appear clipping wave distortion, and produce a lot of high frequency harmonics. After these high-frequency harmonics are sent to the treble driver of the speaker box, the treble driver cannot withstand such a powerful high-frequency signal, which will cause the voice coil to burn. In addition, in the whistle state, the power amplifier will be overloaded due to the output is too large, and it is also very likely to be burned.
How to avoid the whistle of microphone ?

1. Habits of microphone use

Keep the microphone away from the speaker box

Adjust the volume of the microphone appropriately. If the microphone volume is too large, the probability of ringing phenomenon will increase, to reduce the volume in time to avoid the whistle. In addition, if the handheld microphone through the speaker, also want to pay attention to control the volume, otherwise the microphone will be too close to the speaker and cause serious noise.

Rational use of speakers and microphones pointing characteristics. The microphone and the speaker have directivity, if the microphone is not in the use of the speaker sound radiation area, the sound of the speaker is not easy to reach the microphone; Similarly, if the speaker is not in the microphone's pick up area, it is difficult for the microphone to pick up the sound from the speaker. Therefore, by properly adjusting the Angle of the speaker, in the use of the microphone to make it avoid the sound playback area of the speaker, or make the sound radiation area of the speaker does not overlap with the use of the microphone, you can suppress the whistle.


2.Rely on electroacoustic equipment

 frequency shifter

By changing the frequency of the sound with a frequency shifter, the whistle can be suppressed by destroying the conditions that produce the whistle. However, the device has certain limitations and is not suitable for singing and Musical Instruments. It can increase the sound signal by 5Hz, which is good for speech amplification, because speech ranges from 130 to 350Hz, and a change of 5Hz does not result in a noticeable increase in pitch. However, the lower limit frequency of vocal music and instrumental music is about 20Hz. When people listen to the tone change of 5Hz, they have a very obvious sense of its change.


Equalizer and feedback suppressor

The reason for the whistle is that the signal of some frequencies in the system is too strong. Weakening this part of the signal can suppress the whistle. Both equalizer and feedback suppressor can effectively weaken the gain of feedback frequency points to suppress the whistle.


3.The acoustic design of the room

The sound condition of the room is not good, for example, the acoustic resonance of the room makes certain frequencies in the sound to be strengthened, will lead to the whistle. The sound focusing caused by the concave reflection in the room causes the local volume in the sound field to be too strong. When the microphone picks up the sound in the area where the sound is focused, the noise will also be generated. Interior design, the user can through reasonable sound field layout, increase sound absorbing materials, change sound reflection effects and other physical means to avoid the whistle as far as possible.

4.Reasonable selection of sound system equipment

As the saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", singing is the same, good sound equipment can for the singer's voice embellishments a lot.