Happy Birthday to Iris

Happy Birthday to Iris


Sinbosen team member Iris’s birthday is here! Congratulations to Iris, happy birthday, and happy days in the future.

Happy Birthday to Iris

Today is Iris's birthday. We hold a birthday party for our each colleague every times. 

But we are too busy to celebrate her birthday in the work time. So she thought we forgot her birthday. She was little sad and didn't say nothing. 

However, we secretly hold a birthday party in her dormitory. Finally she was so surprised. Haha ^-^

About Iris

Iris is the youngest member of our company. She born in 1997 and at work this year.

She is a cheerful, optimistic and responsible person. 

Her first order is Digital Mixer XR16. That's a good start. Keep doing great! Your efforts will be rewarded.