Netherlands client use FP10000Q and FP14000 for 6000 people party

publisher: Dan
Time: 2018-03-28
Summary: Received client highly appreciated Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP14000 amplifiers - FP10000Q: 1350W x4ch,8Ω , 2100W x4ch,4Ω One FP10000q amplifier can use with 4 pcs Dual 15 inch speakers - FP14000: 2400W x2ch,8Ω , 4400W x2ch,4Ω One FP14000 amplifier can use with 2 pcs Dual 18 inch subwoofers

One of our Netherlands clients has a high appreciation of our FP10000Q and FP14000 amplifiers. Especially FP14000 power amplifier, have some more power than other suppliers.

He uses amplifiers every weekend. 6000 persons on the show. What a big party!

He said, "Big party, no problem for Sinbosen Audio Amplifiers. They are also great for a small setup."

Sinbosen Audio Amplifier FP14000 and FP10000Q provided a great sound performance to audiences. 

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