Survey: Which power amplifier front design panel do you like?

publisher: Dan
Time: 2018-04-19
Summary: We are developing more powerful amplifier than FP20000Q. Let's look forward together!
Sinbosen is the First factory to develop FP20000Q power amplifer. And FP20000Q model still is the top selling one. Now, we are developing more powerful amplifier than FP20000Q. It is suit for dual 21 inch subwoofer. 
Which front amplifier panel do you more like? The new or original FP panel?
Photo 1 is the new panel. And we 
have different FP panel, see the photo 2. 
Suit for dual 21 inch subwoofer
2500 W x 4 ch @8ohms
4200 W x 4 ch @4ohms
4800 W x 4 ch @2ohms
FP20000Q suit for dual 18 inch subwoofer
2250 W x 4 ch @8ohms
4000 W x 4 ch @4ohms
4500 W x 4 ch @2ohms

We still focus on our product feature and quality. And customer satisfaction is our motivation. 
Let's look forward new product together!

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