How To Do When The Amplifier MUTE Lights turn On?

publisher: Wendy
Time: 2019-03-19
Summary: Have you ever encountered a problem with the MUTE light on the power amplifier? Do you know what to do when the MUTE light is on? This NEWS can help you solve the problem. The MUTE light of the power amplifier is on, indicating that a channel is distorted. Therefore, we should learn to test our amplifiers to find problems and learn to solve problems.
Why is the 
MUTE light
of the amplifier turned on?
In fact, the power amplifier, like people, sometimes gets sick and there are some minor problems in the body.

At this time, please don't worry, just find the root of the problem in time and solve the problem.

When the MUTE light of the power amplifier is on, one of its channels is distorted, which means that one of the power amplifier boards or the channel board of the power amplifier cannot work normally.
What should I do if the 
MUTE light
 is on?
Which channel of the amplifier MUTE light is on, it means that there is a problem with the corresponding power amplifier board or channel board, then we need to open the corresponding power amplifier board of the MUTE light, and then unplug the 8 Pins cable for testing. 

Let's do it!

Which channel's MUTE light is on, we have to 
twist the screw
 and open the channel plate that the corresponding MUTE light is on.
The power amplifier boards corresponding to the A, B, C, and D channels are as shown in the following figure.

Below operation Step 1-3 is under amplifier power off state.
If you have turned on the amplifier,
Please wait 15 minutes before operating it.

Insulation should be paid between the board and the board in the power amplifier. If it is not insulated, the two boards are in contact with each other, which is likely to cause a short circuit.
Therefore, after disassembling a power amplifier board, it is necessary to place the
 insulation board
 underneath it to avoid contact with the lower board.


Find the 
8 Pins
 cable below the corresponding power amplifier board and unplug it.

Unplug the 8 Pins and turn on the amplifier switch.
At this time, if the MUTE light of the power amplifier is not lit, it indicates that there is a problem with the corresponding
power amplifier board
. If the MUTE light continues to illuminate, there is a problem with the
channel board.
View below
, you will more clear!
Have you learnt that? I hope this article can help you.

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