How to clean the air filter of the Sinbosen amplifier?

publisher: Wendy
Time: 2019-06-01
Summary: Do you know that there are two air filters in the front panel of the Sinbosen power amplifier? These two air filters are very useful! When Sinbosen power amplifier is working outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that dust will run into the machine. Therefore, the two air filters have a great dustproof effect. So cleaning up the air filter has become our responsibility. How to clean the air filter? I hope this article is helpful to you.
Why do we need to clean the air filters?
There are two air filters in the front panel of the Sinbosen power amplifier. 

Do you know the role of these two air filters?
It is no exaggeration to tell you that the dust net has great use!

When our power amplifier is working outdoors, it is inevitable that dust will remain in the power amplifier, which will affect the heat dissipation function of the power amplifier, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the power amplifier.

As everyone knows, the clothes are dirty and washed, then the air filter is dirty, and it is also necessary to carefully clean it to help the air circulation and improve the heat dissipation capability of the power amplifier.
How to clean the air filters?
Notice: All steps are operated with the power off! 
Step one:
The position of the screws are as shown above.
Turn the screw counterclockwise and take out the dirty air filter.

Step two:

Step three:
Install the clean air filter 
Install the front panel and turn the screw clockwise

To protect your amplifier's lifetime, Please clean the Air Filter termly!
If you need to replace it, you can contact us to get the free Air filter.
View below Video, you will more clear!
Have you GOT IT? I hope this article can help you.

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