How to use wireless microphone to get best Sound?

How to use wireless microphone to get best Sound?


The live concert is very concerned about sound quality. When a singer on the stage wants to use the microphone to reproduce his beautiful voice, he must first learn the correct use of the microphone

I had seen many strange postures of holding the microphone -- some do Lip sync so that they don't care about the posture. But for other people, holding the microphone in an incorrect posture will greatly affect the sound effect of the microphone.

Then, how to use the wireless microphone to show the excellent characteristics of the original factory, first of all, the following basic usage methods should be noted:

First, the standard gesture
1. Maintain an appropriate distance of 10 to 15 cm
It is necessary to keep the distance between mouth and microphone properly. If the distance is too close to the mouth, the sound will be too loud, and you may have issues with certain plosive (like Ps and Bs). The plosive also affected by the angle. Try to change the angle by as little 20 to 45 degrees so you can eliminate that issue.  You need to practice with a mic frequently and find what works best for you.
2. Hold the upper or middle part of the microphone
Never grab the grille of the microphone. Promise me!
In general, the location of the handheld wireless microphone to send and receive signals is at the bottom, so if you hold the upper end, the microphone communication quality can be more stable. Be careful not to hold the microphone head, not only the sound will be stuffy, but also easy to produce feedback noise.
3. Try to keep the microphone head facing the mouth
The old-fashioned microphone, the radio position is located at the top of the microphone, so when talking by the microphone, try to raise the microphone a bit, so that the sound is "filled" from the top of the microphone, which can make the microphone sound better.
4. Avoid the microphone facing the speaker
Generally speaking, the wireless microphones used for singing are mostly directional, so the microphones stand on the sides or rear of the speakers for there is no slamming. 
If you need to stand in front of the speaker, you must be careful that the microphone does not face the speaker. The front of the cardioid directional microphone is 180 degrees parallel to the horn, and the super-directional microphone has a minimum feedback sound between 120 and 140 degrees
Second, microphone directivity
1. Directivity
If the microphone can only receive sound in a certain direction, it is called a directional microphone. Usually the front of the microphone has the highest sensitivity and the sensitivity behind it is almost zero. This directional microphone is especially important on the stage because it only receives the sound from the front, and the sound from the side or the back is rejected, thus avoiding many unnecessary noises. When using it, you must be careful about the direction of the microphone, the direction is wrong, and the received sound is wrong.
2. Omnidirectionality
It is a microphone that can receive sounds from all directions, such as the drums of the entire drum set. But if you want to receive a clean and simple sound source, a non-directional microphone may not be a good choice
3. Deterioration
The directivity of the microphone will also be degraded by the proximity of the two microphones. The degree of deterioration is proportional to the distance between the two microphones. Therefore, the user should avoid holding two or more working microphones at the same time to avoid deterioration in volume, frequency response, and directivity. If you want to use multiple microphones at the same time, you must pull the microphones apart by at least 30 cm.
Third,Other points of attention

1. The microphone on the stage should be avoided random on or off, otherwise, it will cause the sound system to have a "squeaky" sound. This sound is a sudden wave, which can easily damage the sound system and the loudspeaker.

2. Suddenly want to cough, don't towards the microphone, and turn your face to clear your throat.

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