Stage Show Essentials - New Sinbosen FP8000Q power amplifier

publisher: Wendy
Time: 2019-07-29
Summary: Sinbosen engineers have developed a new amplifier in July. Professional sound system 4 channel FP8000Q power amplifier. 4 x 1,600 Watts into 4 Ohms, 4 x 1000 Watts into 8 Ohms Create SUPER sound quality, good for single15" speaker. Believe me, it can surprise you.
July is a special month because Sinbosen engineers have developed a new amplifier.

That's right, it's
FP8000Q 4 channel professional audio power amplifier.

Don't doubt, let's unveil its mysterious veil together.
First let's look at the power of the FP8000Q amplifier:
FP Series
8ΩStereo Power(RMS)
4ΩStereo Power(RMS)
2ΩStereo Power(RMS)
8ΩBridged Power(RMS)
4ΩBridged Power(RMS)
Is the FP8000Q only these? Certainly not, let’s continue to explore.
1. Original ONSEMI transistor

2. Neutrik XLR*/ speakon connector

3. Original Siemens hign quality Capacitor 3300uf 220V

4. High quality fan Gooding cooling system
Each of the above accessories details are designed by Sinbosen engineers.

Each part determines the quality of the SinbosenFP8000Q amplifier, Indispensable.
So how do you feel?
We believe the
FP80000Q power amplifier
can bring good results to your stage performance.

Interested friends can click on the picture below.
Sinbosen is very happy to serve you.

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