The line array system you are looking for !

The line array system you are looking for !


Speakers are an important part of the entire sound system. Now, line array speakers are gradually becoming the new favorite on the stage.

Speakers are an important part of the entire sound system. Now, line array speakers are gradually becoming the new favorite on the stage.
The advantages of line array speakers are very significant. The main four points are as follows:

1. It has uniform coverage and good diffusion. Due to the characteristics of the linear array, the directivity of the vertical plane of the main axis is a narrow beam, and the energy superposition can be radiated from a long distance. The lower end of the curved portion of the linear column covers the near region, forming a coverage from near to far.

2. The development of line array speakers is more in line with the requirements of technology, process, and installation.

3. The sound pressure level is large, and the directivity of the linear array becomes sharper as the frequency increases. When a certain frequency is reached, such as 2 kHz, the directivity is radial, that is, the directional pattern appears as a lobe. At this time, the acoustic wave former composed of the tweeter acts to enhance the high-frequency directivity superposition.

4, strong directivity,The difference between far and near field is small. This feature takes care of the feeling of all audient at the live.

A while ago, I received a message from a person in charge of a wedding company. He wanted to pick a line array speaker, but felt that the passive line array speaker connection was too much trouble. For those who are not professional engineers, it is difficult for him to control and assemble a complete set of speaker systems. He has been troubled and hopes that we can help him solve this problem.

In fact, many buyers will encounter this problem, want to use the line array, but want simpler connection and operation or do not want to buy too many audio devices. For these people, I can only say that there is such a good thing? Unless you are using an active line array.
In addition to the unique advantages of line array speakers, active line arrays have the following four advantages:

1. Each speaker has a built-in amplifier and DSP processor. It can adjust the delay, equalization, pressure limit and other parameters through the USB interface. The factory has been debugged, and the speaker can be directly used by connecting the signal cable and the power cable.

2. Each speaker has an independent power amplifier and DSP processor, and the single failure does not affect the use of the entire system;

3. Can be arbitrarily matched according to needs, with high flexibility. Since the built-in amplifier is divided into two parts, which respectively push the treble and the bass, there is no power consumption.

4. The overall sound is pure and the balance is good. The tone is not too high or too low. The high and low frequencies are evenly distributed. the fusion between frequency bands is natural and smooth, without any abrupt and burr; The high-frequency extension is good, delicate and supple.

5. Since the built-in amplifier circuit, the user does not have to consider the problem of matching the speaker with the amplifier and the cumbersome wiring problem.
Active dual 8 inches + active single 18-inch subwoofer 

Both speakers are active design, built-in DSP module, and power amplifier board
Passive dual 5-inch + active single 12-inch subwoofer 

Using a 12-inch active subwoofer to power the 2-4 pcs passive dual 5-inch speakers
Suitable for all kinds of weddings, exhibitions, road shows, small and medium-sized performances, of course, it is also suitable for small and medium-sized theaters, bars, auditoriums, conference centers, convention centers, and multi-purpose halls.
We have mature production techniques and high-quality raw materials to ensure the quality of each speaker and your experience. 
For the big events, there are some recommended passive powerful line array system
Double 10 inch Top
Double 18 inch Sub
Double 12 inch Top
Double 18 inch Sub
Double 8 inch Top
Single 18 inch Sub
Double 10 inch Top
Single   18 inch Sub