Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifier are praised by multiple countries at the same time!

publisher: Wendy
Time: 2019-09-28
Summary: This News uses the first person and personification method, from the perspective of the amplifier, describes the working status of Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP20000Q in Chile, the Netherlands and Guatemala.
Dear my friends:
How are you? We are two brothers from Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifiers. Have you worked hard like us recently?
We wrote this letter to share the good news. I am very happy to tell you that we are once again praised! This time it is praised by multiple countries, it is Chile, Netherlands and Guatemala!
Please enjoy the following video of our work.
How do you feel?
Next, I will report on the work of the FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifier brothers

First is the owner of Guatemala:

He asked one of my brothers: FP20000Q to connect 2 JBL double 18-inch subwoofers, it worked very well, no problem at all.
The second is the owner of the Netherlands:

He evaluated 2 FP10000Q amplifier brothers last week and made his colleagues very impressed. Look at the picture below, we look handsome, right?
The third place is the owner from Chile:

As you can see from the video above, the Chilean owner will work with the FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifier brothers. Unity is strength!
Seeing this, friends may know the working ability of our FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifiers. But I believe that you will be very curious, why do we have such ability?
Because we are from Sinbosen!

4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier
4 x 2100 Watts into 4 Ohms,4 x 1300 Watts into 8 Ohms
Create SUPER sound quality, good for single15"/dual15" speaker

4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier.
4 x 4000 Watts into 4 Ohms,4 x 2200 Watts into 8 Ohms
Create SUPER sound quality, good for single18"/dual18" speaker
In addition to our FP10000Q and FP20000Q two brothers, Other amplifiers in our FP series also have these features. Sinbosen engineers have carefully designed each of our structures.

Finally, once again thank our owners in the Netherlands, Guatemala and Chile for their recognition! And thanks to Sinbosen for making us so that we can serve those in need! After that, we will continue to work hard!

If you want to know more about Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP20000Q amplifier, you can click on the link below to view.
Sinbosen is available 24 hours online.

Thanks in advance,
Sinbosen amplifier

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