Sinosen Zhangjiajie Tourism

Sinosen Zhangjiajie Tourism


When it comes to winter, everyone thinks of white, but Guangzhou is a city without snow. All members of Sinbosen travel to the beautiful Zhangjiajie.

When it comes to winter, everyone thinks of white, but Guangzhou is a city without snow. All members of Sinbosen travel to the beautiful Zhangjiajie.

In the evening of 12/20/2019, we took a train to Zhangjiajie. Arrived the next morning. The temperature in Zhangjiajie is nearly ten degrees lower than that in Guangzhou, but the excitement and expectations of this tour make everyone ignore the cold weather.

After leaving the train station, our guide welcomed us, took the tourist bus, and set off for the first attraction!
The first stop is the famous Yuntiandu glass bridge , it is 536 meters long and 6 meters wide. The bridge surface is more than 280 meters from the bottom of the valley. It is a large valley suspension bridge, which has set a number of world records for glass bridges. It is famous both at home and abroad. 

Looking down from the bridge, you can see the beauty of the left and right sides and the bottom. For people with height-phobia, the distance of more than 500 meters is both beautiful and tortured.
After walking across the glass bridge, we crossed a boardwalk and through the natural-filled Grand Canyon before reaching the bottom of the mountain. The Zhangjiajie Scenic Area has greatly protected the natural environment. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, and along the path, listening to the flow of the stream, it seems to have become a hermit in the mountains.
After coming out of the Grand Canyon, after lunch, we went to the Jinbianxi Scenic Area in Wulingyuan. On the way, the tour guide reminded us to protect the food on our hands, because there are many monkeys on the mountain. When you hold the food, the owners of this group of mountains will come around warmly and take over your food.
The monkeys here are particularly alert. When they hear human voices, they will run down from trees and cliffs, stand in a row, and wait for feeding.
12/22, the second day of the journey, we went to Tianzishan Nature Reserve in Wulingyuan.

Take the ropeway up, the mountains and clouds in the distance are like a fairyland
Recently, the temperature in Zhangjiajie has also increased, There is no snow today , but we can still see some snow that has not melted, which makes us feel very happy.
Walking along the mountain road, the sun slowly passed through the clouds, and the morning mist dispersed. Facing the mountains and the towering trees standing on top of the mountain, you will feel your smallness and the magic of nature. Figure 2 is a naturally formed bridge, known as the first bridge in the world. The two mountain peaks are connected by a natural promenade to form a natural bridge hole. The bridge deck is about two meters wide, more than 20 meters long, and an absolute height of 350 meters. The pines on the bridge are upright, the ancient vines hang by the bridge, and the bridge is unfathomable.
A place where many people will mark in Zhangjiajie is MontasVolans. It is the prototype of the suspended mountain in the movie of Avatar.  MontasVolans has an altitude of 1074 meters and a vertical height of about 150 meters.
Monkeys can be found everywhere in the scenic area, or playful, or eat leaves, of course, they never refuse the delicious food brought by guests from afar.
The guide said that when you go down the mountain, take a breath, there is a lot of vegetation here, and the air is abnormally fresh. There are 120,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. Someone once used bags to collect air for sale.

On 12/23, this day is a shame, because Zhangjiajie is in fog and rain for about 200 days a year. On the third day of our journey, we saw the mountains surrounded by clouds and fog, and the visibility was very low, so we did not see Tianmen Cave.

Tianmen Cave is a huge cave naturally formed in the main peak of Tianmen Mountain in the Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie (source network on the left below). Tianmen Cave is the most representative scenic spot in Tianmen Mountain. It is located in the middle and upper part of Tianmen Mountain, with an altitude of 1300 meters, a gate height of 131.5 meters, a width of 57 meters, and a depth of 60 meters. It is the highest natural mountain cave in the world. And according to locals, the location of Tianmen Cave has changed. Seventy or eighty years ago, the orientation of the cave was not the direction we see today, which also filled Tianmen Cave with a mysterious color.

That night, we bid farewell to Zhangjiajie and headed to Fenghuang Ancient City. It was late at night to reach the ancient city, and the ancient city was quiet. Only the lights by the river silently guarded the buildings on the shore.
12/24 is the last day of the journey. The ancient city of Phoenix is a charming town, not big, but with a unique architectural style and humanistic style. This season is off-season and there are not many tourists. The time in the ancient town is also given to the local residents. Although it is not so busy and flourishing, it has become very full of life.
On the riverfront, there are stilted buildings everywhere, these houses are suspended above the river.
Because it is winter, there is less river water. If it is rainy in summer, the river water will cover the stone pillars. People step on the stone pillars, just like walking against the water surface, like practicing Chinese kungfu.
Our four day and three night trip to Zhangjiajie-Phoenix is over. On Christmas Eve, we returned to Guangzhou. Today we have already back to office.We will continue to make our best service to you.

For the rest of 2019, all members of Sinbosen will continue to be optimistic and enterprising, and continue to work hard!

Finally, thank you for your support and recognition!