Sinbosen Drum Kit Feedback King-717

Sinbosen Drum Kit Feedback King-717


Sinbosen Drum microphone set King-717 is including 7 pcs dynamic instrumental microphone.

Sinbosen Drum microphone set King-717 is including 7 pcs dynamic instrumental microphone.
This drums microphone set are composed of 1 King G1-1, 2 king G1-2, and 4 King G1-4. All the drum microphones are dynamic microphone. The advantage of dynamic microphones is that they have lower sensitivity and can withstand larger sound pressure levels.

The King G1-1 is a microphone used for kick drums, and it is placed on the back of the kick drum (front side is facing the Drum Pedal) slightly off center. Some drummers remove the drumhead of the back or cut a small hole and put the microphone in during recording. Our customer made a round hole in the kick drum for easy pickup.

The King G1-2 and King G1-4 can be used for your Snare and Tom Drum. The snare microphone should avoid picking up the sound of hi-hat. The best position is in the drum circle, 3-8cm above the drum head, and point to the center of the drum head. You can place the microphone stand between the Tom drum and the hi-hat, adjust the angle as far as possible to stay away from the hi-hat.

The Tom drum microphone can also be placed with reference to the snare drum's placement. Place the microphone above the snare drumhead and the center of the drum ring. Generally speaking, it is inevitable to pick up the sounds of cymbals, snare drums, and other Tom drums when picking up, but in general, the chance of using Tom drum is relatively small, so they can be after processed .

For Hi-Hat and Ride cymbal, condenser microphones are recommended. The condenser microphone is able to perfectly capture the brightness and crispness of Hi-Hat and Rides cymbal.
The microphone should be placed about 10 to 15 cm above the hi-hat, and away from the snare drum, to avoid picking up the sound of the snare drum. In the 1980s, the pickup of a drum kit would hang a blanket between the hi-hat microphone stand and snare microphone stand to prevent it from picking up the sound of other instruments.
The sound of Rides is often attenuated after passing overhead, so the position of the pickup microphone is preferably placed between the center and edges of the Ride cymbal and away from the Tom drum.
Condenser Microphone

PG-81 Cardioid condenser instrument microphone is for professional-quality microphone, straight response designed for sensitive acoustic instrument applications.
Applies to: Acoustic guitar, stringed instruments, brass instruments
Also applies to: Chorus, other acoustic instruments, percussion instruments
We have other drum microphone set is including condenser microphone.