Most popular stage monitoring sound wireless in ear monitor system

Most popular stage monitoring sound wireless in ear monitor system


We find the Most popular IEM system in the past year

We have talked a lot about the benefits of in-ear monitors. (Friends who have not seen it can click to view Why Use IEM (In-Ear Monitoring)?>>) For the engineers, staff and stage performers on the scene, the IEM system has many benefits, especially to solve the annoying feedback sound and other disturbing sound to performers.

Sinbosen has two very popular IEM systems, SR2050IEM and EW300G3 IEM. I made a table to show the characteristics of their parameters


SR2050 IEM


Frequency Range

572-603.5MHz,606-630MHz, 740-776MHz,798-830MHz


2 channels

1 channel

Modulation Mode


Number of channel




Channel spacing


Frequency stability

± 0.005%

Dynamic range


Maximum offset

± 55KHz

Frequency response

60HZ-18KHz (±3dB)

Signal to noise ratio

> 102dB


≤ 0.8%

Output Socket

Balanced XLR and MIC Output

Output Level

0~300mV (ADJ)

Power Supply

12-18V DC/1A

RF output


Spurious Rejection


Effective Distance

100 Meter

Audio output channel mode


Receiver in the same time

Can use 20 bodypack+ headset in the same time Per channels

LCD display shows clear working status
Low battery remind of bodypack receivers
power switch control
Have a rack-mout in the both side of the mechine, easy to setup.
Strong signal, UHF frequency
Digital tone key locking technology to avoid possible interference.

There is not much difference between SR2050IEM and EW300G3IEM, you can buy them according to your needs.  Per channel supports connect 20pcs IEM receivers, so your engineers ,staff and the performers can hear the sound at the same time.
Many client is prefer in ear monitor system than stage monitor speaker.
Our South Africa Friends said: All products from your company produce, clean sound. (DSP Power amplifier , Skm9000 wireless microphone , SR2050 IEM personal stage monitor system,audio processor ,etc)

Our products are also sold to  Mexico , Burmada , USA,etc
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