Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP8000Q are used in USA

Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP8000Q are used in USA


Sinbosen FP10000Q and FP8000Q are used in USA Bar , FP8000Q on top , fp10000q on sub

Although many customers have not officially resumed work, they have already prepared for the resumption of work, such as buying a few audio equipment.

Our American customer bought enough FP8000Q and FP10000Q amplifiers to add a happy atmosphere to his restaurant.

He uses FP8000Q for top speaker, FP10000Q for subwoofer. Many customers will choose FP22000Q, FP14000 for subwoofer special power amplifier for subwoofer. 

But if your subwoofer size is relatively small, such as only ten inches, 12 In inches, FP10000Q is also fine, but the bass effect will not be as amazing as a special subwoofer amplifier. 

Of course, the power of your subwoofer must be within half of the RMS power of the amplifier, so as to ensure that it will not damage the audio system.

During the period before resuming work, we can choose new equipment for the audio system, but the most important thing is to remember to maintain and debug the equipment regularly to avoid damage to the equipment if it is not used for too long. (We have written related articles before >>> )

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