Let's rock the world by FP24000 power amplifier

Let's rock the world by FP24000 power amplifier


Germany client tell you the feeling after testing FP24000 and FP10000Q power amplifier

The protagonist of today’s feedback is the FP24000 power amplifier. Some friends may be unfamiliar with this model. FP24000 is a new model. It may be because of its high power that makes people doubt the authenticity. Not many people buy it. Today’s feedback Here, the customer called the FP24000 a murderer. This is a very interesting title. Thank you very much for his affirmation of FP24000.

Most friends should be more familiar with the FP14000, and the power of the FP24000 is almost twice that of the FP14000. The FP24000 uses a binding post output, and also has 4pcs bulit-in and 8pcs backside cooling fan. The FP24000 is positioned for 21inch or even larger subwoofer.
Output power
stereo RMS @8 ohms 
4500 watt * 2channels
2400 watt *2channels
stereo RMS @4 ohms 
7500 watt * 2channels
4400 watt *2channels
Let’s take a look at the customer’s audition environment

Client buy FP24000 and FP10000Q power amplifier , and he also have FP14000.

He said "Amazinly low quiescent noise floor "

The FP24000 is used for subwoofer , and the FP10000Q drives the midrange horns and JBL tweeiters. They make 118dB/1W/1m for the BMS4591 drivers and 113dB the JBL2402H.

You know, no power amplifier can be completely free of noise. The customer said that only when you put your head close to the speaker when there is no music playing, you can hear very low noise, but when you turn up the volume, no one will hear Can notice it.

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