Sinbosen D2-3000 power amplifier VS other company products

Sinbosen D2-3000 power amplifier VS other company products


what is the price difference between Sinbosen and other companies on the market?

As more and more people know about the Sinbosen D2-3000 amplifier through various channels. Those who have bought it give high recommendation, but there are also customers who have not bought it will question : I have seen similar products in other companies , but their prices are lower than yours, why?

In this regard, we feel it is necessary to explain what is the price difference between Sinbosen and other companies on the market.
1. The capacitance of the capacitor is different
Many people knows that Sinbosen's D2-3000 uses 270uf capacitors, and there are 130 identical capacitors in total.
According to the pictures provided by customers and Internet, other company use 220uf capacitor.
Although the difference between a single capacitor is only 50uf, if there are 130 capacitors, the difference is 6500uf in total, which accounts for about 20% of the total capacitance. And D2-3000 is born for subwoofer, so the capacitance determines the sound of the subwoofer Whether it can achieve the desired effect
2. Insulation strength
Everyone knows that the inside of the power amplifier is full of electronic boards and circuits. The strength of the insulation determines the service life and safety of the power amplifier.
Sinbosen D2-3000 uses silicone cloth with high insulation properties. Some customers have reported that some companies use silica gel, but it may be due to the quality or operation of the silica gel, which caused the silica gel to fall off during use.The consequences can be imagined.The power amplifier is burned out and needs to be replaced.
3. Quality difference of spare parts
Capacitor: The capacitor used in Sinbosen D2-3000 is nichicon (one of the TOP3 capacitor manufacturers in Japan, with a history of more than 50 years).
As far as we know, the capacitors used by other suppliers are relatively inexpensive capacitors, not from world-renowned capacitor manufacturers.
Connector: Sinbosen D2-3000 uses imported original neutrik XLR & Speakon connectors.
The similar products of other companies are also from relatively cheap unknown manufacturers.
4. The internal structure is different

The internal structure of the power amplifier has a huge impact on its performance. The internal structure of Sinbosen is the result of our engineers' testing that the arrangement is reasonable and efficient. 
we have seen the inside of other company' product,'it is not reliable enough to protect the amplifier.'