Sinbosen team's trip to Lijiang

Sinbosen team's trip to Lijiang


Sinbosen will organize a group tour at the end of the year. Come and see where we went this year.

Day 1 Old Town of Lijiang

Founded at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty (late 13th century AD), the Old Town of Lijiang is one of the ancient cities in China that has successfully declared the World Cultural Heritage. The ancient city of Lijiang embodies the achievements of ancient Chinese urban construction and is one of the types of Chinese citizens with distinctive characteristics and styles.
If you are interested in ancient Chinese architecture, Lijiang Old Town is a scenic spot worth visiting.

The weather in Lijiang is very pleasant, although it is winter, but under the bright sun, you don't even need to wear a coat.

In the ancient city of Lijiang, which is like spring all year round, you can see lush flowers and plants in front of almost every household, full of vitality everywhere. And at night, with the decoration of lights, it is completely different from the daytime beautiful.
Day 2 & day 3 Lugu Lake

The ancient city of Lijiang is full of life, and Lugu Lake will make you feel clean and peaceful from the bottom of your heart. The clear lake reflects the blue sky, seagulls spread their wings on the lake, and the breeze sparkles.
Lugu Lake is surrounded by mountains. In the Chinese Naxi Mosuo language, "Lugu Lake is the lake in the ravine. It is regarded as the "Mother Lake" by the local Mosuo people. It is also known as the "Penglai Wonderland".
Taking a boat tour of the lake, listening to the chatter of the boatman, feeling away from the hustle and bustle, it is a relaxation of the body and mind
Day 4 Blue Moon Valley & Yulong Snow Mountain

Blue Moon Valley is located on the foothills of Yulong Snow Mountain, 3300 meters above sea level. It is also called Baishui River. It is because on a sunny day, the color of the water is blue and the valley is crescent-shaped. It looks like a blue moon inlaid in the distance. At the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, it is called Lanyuegu. The name Baishuihe is because the mud at the bottom of the lake is white, and the water turns white when it rains, so it is also called Baishuihe.

After visiting the Blue Moon Valley, we took the cable car to Yulong Snow Mountain at an altitude of 4506 meters. Because of the high altitude, the snow here does not melt all the year round. On the day we went, the sky was fluttered with snowflakes, adding another layer of white to the snow mountain. coat.
The four-day holiday is over. After the tour, I am more motivated to serve customers. I hope that the tour is a good start in 2021, and I hope everyone will go well in the new year and have been happy. I also look forward to more cooperation.