Customers visit Sinbosen's factory

Customers visit Sinbosen's factory


Sinbosen customers visited the Sinbosen factory and tested the amplifier in the audition room. Finally confirmed the order.

Customers visit Sinbosen's factory
Not long ago, Sinbosen received information from customers who wanted to visit. Since COVID-19, Sinbosen has rarely visited the factory. After receiving the information of the customer's visit, Sinbosen began to prepare some reception matters. This client has come to China frequently and is very familiar with China. Therefore, Sinbosen received customers smoothly.

The customer first contacted Sinbosen for consultation, and confirmed products such as amplifiers and microphones online. And also paid the deposit of the order. This time the customer came to test the power amplifier and microphone, confirm the performance of the power amplifier and microphone, and pay the order amount.
The customer tested the power amplifier D4-2500 digital power amplifier.
Finally confirm the order with the customer...
This is a very pleasant cooperation. Customers are very satisfied with Sinbosen and Sinbosen's amplifier microphones. And happy to cooperate again. Ha ha ha ha. Sinbosen is already looking forward to the next cooperation with customers.

The products purchased by customers this time mainly include:

Power distributor: LAS4+8, LAS5+1
Wireless iem monitoring: SR2050 IEM, EW300G3 IEM

The above power amplifiers and microphones are all very popular styles of power amplifiers. It has also been liked by many customers. If you are interested in Sinbosen's amplifiers and microphones, you can learn about it on Sinbosen's official website-product page. You can also contact Sinbosen directly.