Details and sound performance of Sinbosen's new series of speakers!

Details and sound performance of Sinbosen's new series of speakers!


Sinbosen has recently launched a new batch of new line array speakers, sound columns, subwoofers, monitor speakers, etc. Let's take a look at their detailed display and sound performance!

Sinbosen's New Speaker Test

Sinbosen has recently launched a batch of new speakers K1, K2, K3, VT4888 line array speakers; syva sound column; SB18, V8sub subwoofer; X15 monitor speakers and so on. There are also some speaker models that have added high-end versions: such as KA210, KA208 and V932, etc. (that is, you can choose the old version or the high-end version of the speakers).


This batch of new speakers differs from the previous speaker configuration. It is specifically reflected in their horns, cabinets, pendants, spray paint and other details.


The following are the details of the K1 line array speakers in this batch of new speakers

1. Speaker (neodymium magnetic speaker)

Neodymium magnets have strong magnetic properties, excellent electrical conductivity and good anti-interference ability. Therefore, the sound quality of the output speakers is transparent and the resolution is good!


2. Spray paint (polyurea paint)

The polyurea coatings used in this batch of speakers are firstly waterproof and moisture-proof, and secondly, they are scratch-resistant, knock-resistant, and wear-resistant. It also has many advantages such as aging resistance and high temperature resistance, and can be used in various indoor and outdoor environments.



·Cabinet:FIrst grade Russian birch plywood

·Front steel grill with anti-corrosion coating

·Acoustically neutral 3D fabric

·Rigging components:high grade steel with anti-corrosion coating

·Cable:waterproof cable

In addition to using high-grade materials, the detailed design of the speaker also makes it faster and more convenient to use!


Such as K1 line array,

1. We can clearly see that there is a fluorescent yellow label, whose function is that when the line array speaker is not fixed firmly, this label will be clearly found to judge and facilitate the suspension of the speaker. On the contrary, if you hang it, you won't see it.


3. Angle adjustment stable bolt. Just align the hole with the angle you want to adjust and insert the stabilizer, and the angle will be adjusted automatically!


4. When the speaker needs to be replaced, it does not need to be disassembled. There is a more convenient mechanism to help you replace the speakers!



Knowing the material of this batch of speakers, it is conceivable that many customers want to know its sound effects. Today, Sinbosen used the hot-selling power amplifiers FP10000Q, FP20000Q,D2-3500, match these new speakers to do a sound test!

Tested speaker models:

K1DUAL 15-inch match with FP10000Q

K2DUAL 12-inch line array speaker)

K3Dual 10-inch line array speaker)

KA208(Dual 8-inch line array speaker)

KS28 2x18 inch neodymium subwoofer)

SB18(18 inch subwoofer)

VT4888(3way line array double 15inch Neodymium magnet)

X15(15-INCH monitor speaker)


Tested amplifier models:

FP10000Q4 x 1350W into 8 Ohms, 4 x 2100W into 4 Ohms.

Good for single 15”/dual 15” speaker)


FP140002 x 2400W into 8 Ohms, 2 x 4400W into 4 Ohms.

Suit for 2units 18”/21” subwoofer)


FP20000Q4 x 2200W into 8 Ohms,4 x 4000W into 4 Ohms.

Good for dual 18” subwoofer)


LA84 x 1450W into 8 Ohms,4 x 2200W into 4 Ohms)


D4-25004 x 2200W into 8 Ohms,4 x 3750W into 4 Ohms;Suit for Top speaker, full range speaker,Line array)


D2-35002 x 3200 Watts into 8 Ohms,2 x 5365 Watts into 4 Ohms;Suit for Stage Power Subwoofer speaker)


This is the live test video

Specific model sound test If you are interested, please contact us!