FP10000Q and K4-1700 amplifier work well at the Polish dance party!

FP10000Q and K4-1700 amplifier work well at the Polish dance party!


The client has a scale party of about 1000 people, he applied Sinbosen's FP10000Q class td amplifier and K4-1700 digital amplifier! Let's take a look at his party scene!

In best moment there was about 1000 people, sinbosen k4-1700 was running on subs, 2pcs on each channel (it was running cold at 4r load) sinbosen fp10000 was running on 2pcs LD systems LRX215 600w @4r which were used as frontfill and 2pcs small on-stage monitors,

Ldsystems sp-6k was powering up line array mids, qsc was on hf drivers 

Line array is my own construction

"K4 is working veeeery well!"said by the customer.

AS a Class D digital power amplifiers,K4-1700 is popular among users at home and abroad because of its environmental protection, energy saving, small size and utilization rate of more than 97%. You will find the Class D amplifier is cost-effective, stable, and fully protected amplifiers.


Maybe some customers say that the D series is unstable (this series has high power, and many customers use it to push the subwoofer. In fact, D4-2000 and D4-2500 are not recommended!). But almost all customers who have purchased the K series praise its stable operation and good sound quality!

For K4-1700

Stereo/output power 8Ω/1KHz: 1700Wx4

Stereo/output power 4Ω/1KHz: 2800Wx4

We recommend matching single and double 8"/12"/15" speakers!

fp10000 was running on 2pcs LD systems LRX215 600w @4r which were used as frontfill and 2pcs small on-stage monitors

For FP10000Q

8Ω Output Power: 1350W x 4

4Ω Output Power: 2100W x 4

♦Suggest match: DS-10Q match with 4pcs Single 15inch or 4pcs Double 15inch professional PA speaker .
♦Best match : DS-10Q match with 2pcs single 15inch full frequency professional PA speaker + 2pcs single 18inch sub woofer .