High quality Wireless cordless Live Vocals wireless receiver handheld Microphone SLX4/SM-58

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Update Time 2019-09-28
Item specifics
TypeUHF Wireless Microphone
FeaturePerfect Sound
Frequency range780-822mhz
Operation range100m
FunctionNoise Cancelling

SLX4 -- The classic choice of performing singers around the world.

Reasonable configuration and effective work band need a powerful wireless device can be achieved. The user can quickly install these devices and ease of use. The SLX UHF wireless system is fully capable of meeting these needs with innovative automated installation features such as automatic frequency search and transmitter setup, extremely outstanding wireless clarity and high-performance microphone.

Support 20 compatible systems using a variety of ultra-high frequency bands, SXL can successfully access the church, lectures, conference rooms and mobile devices and other occasions. SXL wireless system uses audio reference compression expansion technology, can produce extremely clear sound, beyond the traditional wireless technology restrictions.


Handheld Transmitter: Cardioid and Dynamic

Various hand-held microphone options ( SM-58, BETA 58)

Synchronous back-lighting LCD

Frequency and power lock

2 AA batteries (included) to ensure uninterrupted use for 8 hours

Effective working range 100m (300 feet)

SXL4 wireless receiver

Removable 1/4 wavelength antenna

Back-lighting LCD

Contains rack mounting components

1/4 "and XLR audio output connectors

Frequency and power lock

Volume control is located on the back of the fuselage

The SLX4 receiver brings unprecedented ease of use to wireless with Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup. 

Client Feedback

The SLX4 receiver features UHF diversity reception. Dual receivers compete for the strongest possible reception, reducing noise and dropout due to RF interference.

The SLX Series wireless microphone systems provide the performance and reliability needed for use in live performance venues, halls, sound reinforcement, etc. The UHF system is available in up to 8 different bands, over a 24MHz spectrum. This system includes the SLX4 receiver and SLX2 handheld transmitter with an SM-58 microphone head.

The SLX4 receiver is rack or desktop mountable and features a diversity antenna design. The diversity design allows dual antennas to compete for the strongest possible reception. XLR (mic level) and 1/4" phone (+10 dB over XLR) outputs are featured. A comprehensive LCD display provides Frequency, Group and Channel information as well as transmitter battery status, audio level and more.

The SLX2 handheld transmitter features the cardioid SM-58 capsule. The cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects signals at the off-axis sections of the microphone, allowing higher gain before feedback from monitors and speakers. The transmitter features a comprehensive display with a timeout function. Two AA-size batteries provide up to 8 hours of power.