High gain long distance Directional Antenna Distributor for wireless microphone system

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Update Time 2020-09-29
Item specifics
Product nameantenna amplifier distributor
Frequency range500 MHz - 950 MHz
Power consumption170mA
Noise ratio4.0 db type (Center band)
Usageenhance receiving distance and efficiency
Usewireless Microphone

Sinbosen's Antenna Distributor is designed for the application of wireless microphone long distance reception and transmitting, such as gymnasium, concert, theater, and large performance venues; or some environment which can be blocked sight and receive. And it is easier to install and remove, and portable to carry.

Technical Parameters: 

Frequency range: 500-950MHz

Input truncation point: + 22dBm

Noise ratio: 4.0 db type (Center band)

Gain: + 6-9dB (Center band)

Output impedance: 15dBmin

Impedance: 50Ω

Bandwidth: 450MHz

Socket: BNC female

Power supply: 100-240V / 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 170mA




Using 2-4 pcs UHF wireless series or other series of all kinds of the automatic selecting signal receiver, sharing a group of antennas to simplify the antenna assembly works to enhance the receiving distance and efficiency.

Using the latest design of high dynamic range and low noise of the active component and active feedback current bias, with super low in the distortion can be used to eliminate the interference of mixing in multi-channel, and the output gain is equal to 1.

The antenna socket can apply directly in the frequency range of configuration of single pole antenna, coaxial antenna, antenna extension.

Delta group and logarithmic directional antenna group.

The antenna input socket power supply with the strong wave, extend the antenna group can be directly connected with antenna booster and a logarithmic directional antenna array with a built-in wave generator. 

The four groups of power output: 12v /600~1000mA.

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